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Chairman Message

Chairman message
    Shaanxi Tonghai cashmere industry Limited by Share Ltd since its inception in 2007, after more than eight years of continuous exploration, good governance, has established a perfect enterprise management system, and through the integration of advantageous resources, has formed a production and sales of cashmere processing base, multi brand differentiation promotion operation as the core of the business model. In recent years, with the joint efforts of all levels of Party and government leaders and friends from all walks of life, and with every joint efforts of self-motivated and pioneering Tonghai people, the company successfully launched the new three boards in 2015, and the company has entered a new stage of development.
    Looking forward to the future, opportunities and challenges coexist. Tonghai cashmere industry will continue to carry forward the pioneering and innovative spirit, to become the industry leader in animal husbandry, to create the domestic first-class brand, become the mainstay of the regional economy. Sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to continue to care and support the Tonghai cashmere industry. At the same time, we welcome the people of insight to seek cooperation, win common prosperity and create great achievements together!